Questions frequently asked for family portrait sessions

What should we wear?

That simple answer is , whatever you want! Be comfortable. I don't recommend too many paterns (plaids, stripes, etc) as it's too distracting to the eye. It's great to match colors, but better to coordinate your colors. Think of the color wheel.  Blues tend to go well with Yellows while,  Plums and purples go very well with oranges and mustard colors

How long are the sessions?

Sessions run roughly 1 hour for family portraits. However they could run longer depending on various situations. They could be shorter as well. If the session is going really well and we’ve gotten everything that we need the session can take less than an hour

What’s the turnaround time? How soon can we get our images?

I believe I am mostly known for a very quick turnaround time. I don’t believe in making my clients wait for their images. So I try very hard to get them back within a week or two. Sometimes it’s less than a week and really depends on how busy I am.

How many images can we expect?

On average you can expect to get back anywhere between 30 and 50 images in your gallery. More or less depending on the size of your family and the amount of poses we’ll need to capture

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